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Since 2002, Lynn’s Wedding Services has provided direct-source of linen rental, design, and flower services for a wide range of events, including large and small weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, quinceaneras, birthdays, and much more. With a complete range of items and resources for event planning, we can work directly with clients to save on costs. In addition, we have a strong working relationship with just about every major Bay Area hotels and country clubs — and for clients, we deliver affordable prices and customized event designs for every situation.

Lynn’s Wedding Services promises a attention-to-detail, customizable options, and — most importantly — the perfect combination of professionalism and personal touch. When it comes to events, we focus on bringing a client’s vision to life thanks to an immense range of:

For your convenience, we also offer event catering, wedding invitations, bridal jewelry, unique decor choices, complete DJ services, and many more options – including connections with leading hotels and country clubs. If your event needs it, Lynn’s can deliver it!

Any Budget, Any Event: How We Work

Every Lynn’s client starts off with a one-on-one consultation. This high level of customer care follows every step of the way, ensuring that we know the exact timeline and venue details. Whether it’s an extravagant corporate event or an intimate backyard wedding, your timeline and budget are absolutely critical and we can help prioritize this to meet your needs. And with our complete catalog of materials and resources, clients can work directly with us to save money — no event planner necessary.

The one-on-one consultation also highlights the level of personal attention provided by us. The more we understand your needs, the better we can create a customized solution — linen selection, floral color and cake design, lighting solutions, and more. The final result is an end-to-end solution of event options, all customized and tailored for the best possible experience. We want to hear about your event! Schedule your one-on-one consultation with Lynn today to get started. You’ll discover that it’s the start of a beautiful relationship — and event!